Renua: the making of a political party

In less than a year, more than 100 professionals have built a political organisation

As Renua Ireland was launched in 2015 Harry McGee followed the key players behind the scenes to watch a new party being built. Video: Kathleen Harris

It was late one evening towards the end of 2014, and the Ten Thousand World Buffet, on O’Connell Street in Dublin, bustled with locals and tourists, many of them in for a karaoke night. Nobody in the restaurant paid much attention to the procession of people who came through the front door and made their way to an upstairs room as amateur crooners strained for the high notes.

More than a dozen men and women hurried through, most dressed in suits. A few were politicians. The instantly recognisable one was Lucinda Creighton, the former minister of state, who left Fine Gael in 2013, after losing the party whip.

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