Rehab says 12 staff earn salaries of over €100,000

Top salary of up to €249,000 is paid to charity’s chief executive Angela Kerins

Angela Kerins, chief executive of Rehab, is paid in the region of €240,000 to €249,000.   Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Angela Kerins, chief executive of Rehab, is paid in the region of €240,000 to €249,000. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times


Twelve executives of the Rehab Group earn salaries of more than €100,000, according to a statement issued by the organisation tonight.

The top salary paid by Rehab is in the range of €240,000 to €249,000 and is paid to chief executive Angela Kerins.

Rehab has a total staff of 2,470 employed in Ireland with 77, or three per cent of them, paid €65,000 or more.

In the statement, the board of the Rehab Group provided details of its salary structure which it has given to the Public Accounts Committee in response to a series of questions sent to it after its meeting on February 27th.

It said that Rehab was an independent international group of charities and commercial companies with over 3,500 staff involved in health and social care, training and education, and rehabilitation, employment and commercial services in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, the Netherlands, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

“The people who currently use Rehab’s services include young people and adults with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities, people with mental health difficulties, people with autism and people with an acquired brain injury.”

It also provides a range of essential services to older people, carers and others who are marginalised including people who require supports to enter or re-enter the workforce and the long-term unemployed.

“Every year, more than 60,000 people and their families benefit from the supports provided by Rehab in more than 260 locations. The group had a turnover in 2012 of €183 million.

The statement said the Rehab Group had previously committed to publishing details of the salaries of the eight senior executives, which comprise the executive management team of the organisation, along with the chief executive officer.

It also provided information about the remainder of the management and professional posts which come into this category of remuneration of over €65,000 which it said were posts of significant responsibility and seniority, encompassing a wide range of duties, and requiring technical, professional and clinical expertise and experience, and management responsibility.

The statement also said all of the executive team members had a contractual entitlement to performance-related pay elements, which are not guaranteed but which may be awarded for exceptional performance against agreed criteria.

“Performance related payments were waived by all members of the executive team in 2010 and 2011. An element of performance-related payment was awarded by the Remuneration Committee, of between €6,000 and €14,200 to executive team members based on performance in 2012.

“The Chief Executive, Director of Finance and Director of Human Resources waived any performance-related payment. No performance-related payments were paid for 2013.”

It said all staff including the executive team were currently entitled to membership of a defined contribution pension scheme, with an employer’s contribution of 6 per cent. The Rehab Group Defined Benefit Pension scheme commenced a wind-up process in early 2013.

Certain staff have company vehicles on which they pay the relevant taxes as a benefit in kind.

The statement added that the Rehab Group did not make any contribution to private health insurance on behalf of any staff members. Expenses incurred for as a direct result of company business are authorised to staff members once vouched for