Voices In The House


I wonder if I could get assurance from the Taoiseach - is there any word at all about the whereabouts of Albert and is the Government making reasonable efforts to find him?

- Pat Rabbitte, Democratic Left

That matter doesn't arise on the Order of Business. The whereabouts of any deputy is not a matter for the Order of Business.

- Ceann Comhairle, Seamus Pattison

On behalf of this side of the House I would like to say to Albert if he's out there, would he phone home.

- Pat Rabbitte

Farmers waiting for headage payments are wondering if they are going to have a Christmas at all?

- Michael Ring (FG) during debate on agriculture estimates

The only thing farmers are relying on is the headage to buy the goose or turkey for Christmas.

- P.J. Sheehan (FG)

You're the closest thing to a Celtic tiger I know.

- Austin Deasy (FG) to P.J. Sheehan