Mick-taking: invasion of the Wallaces


A PICTURESQUE Co Wexford village fell victim to a large scale invasion of Mick Wallaces recently. The place was a riot of shocking pink and blond curls.

And we have the photograph to prove it.

“We weren’t expecting them,” says Jennifer Quigley of Quigley’s bar in Kilmore. “It was actually quite a shock when they arrived in.” She says she was a bit taken aback when a couple of Mick Wallaces came in the door, but she couldn’t believe her eyes when about 30 of them piled in for a pint.

It turns out the lads, locals from a townland called The Dirr, near Clearystown, were out on a stag night. Their first port of call was Staffords pub in Tullycanna, where they actually met the real Mick Wallace, before moving on to Kilmore.

“It’s the first and only time we had a crowd of Mick Wallaces in,” says Jennifer. “We’ve had a good few stag parties in over the years, but these boys were definitely the most unusual.” She says they were well behaved, great fun and settled their bills before they left. Full marks to the Boys of Wexford.