Loss of `Monk' tax file queried


THE reported disappearance of the tax file of "The Monk" called for an explanation, a Fianna Fail frontbencher said.

Mr Willie O'Dea, in an adjournment debate, quoted a Sunday World report last weekend claiming that "Ireland's wealthiest gang boss" had paid no income tax between 1987 and 1991 despite earning £115,000 in that period in respect of which the Revenue Commissioners issued an assessment of £57,600.

"Shortly afterwards his file mysteriously disappeared. Apparently that resulted in the tax assessment of £57,600 being quashed. He then assessed himself and finished up paying £1,537.80 instead of £57,600," said Mr O'Dea.

The Government should urgently consider a task force from the Garda, Revenue and Department of Social Welfare to target organised crime.

The Minister of State for Finance, Mr Hugh Coveney, said the Revenue was precluded for reasons of confidentiality from disclosing details of its dealings with individuals. However, it had informed him that no files or papers of the kind indicated in the article had been stolen or were known to be missing.

In regard to the acquisition of assets by criminals from the proceeds of crime he said. "Where Revenue become aware of unexplained income they will always seek to secure any appropriate tax and they have the necessary powers for this purpose."