FF Senator can't roll with the punches


SENATOR AVERIL Power is in the wars.

The feisty Fianna Fáiler was due to take part in a charity boxing tournament in north Dublin next Friday, but she’s had to retire from the ring following a training scare.

Averil was to have represented Suttonians Rugby Club on the 10-bout card and had been training hard for the fight night, which will take place in the Wright Venue in Swords. The club is squaring up to a selection from the Dublin Airport Authority.

Proceeds from this “white-collar” boxing event will be split between the Sutton-based club, the IRFU’s charitable fund and the 3Ts (turn the tide of suicide) charity.

Last Saturday, Averil went to training after a two-week break due to illness. It didn’t go well. She walked into two haymakers and her vigilant cornermen immediately threw in the towel.

“The guy I was fighting is blameless – I would have normally seen the shots coming, but I was still sluggish after a chest infection. It’s all my fault because I knew I wasn’t really up to it. And yes, I took a couple of hits.”

Averil wasn’t knocked out, but she felt dazed and went home to rest.

“When I woke up, I started getting blinding headaches.” Her doctor dispatched her straight into accident and emergency and she was detained overnight. Following a scan, she was sent home with instructions not to think about boxing again for at least another month.

“I’m still not convinced,” says Averil, reluctant to hang up her gloves.

Never mind, Senator. There are plenty of Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meetings on the horizon to soak up any of that unspent aggression.