Don't mention 'the war'


Clonmel-based Labour senator Denis Landy annoyed the party top brass when he stayed away from their recent think-in because he felt the swanky venue was inappropriate in these times of recession.

And now it seems the leadership has extracted its revenge.

At Tuesday afternoon’s parliamentary party meeting Eamon Gilmore told the comrades that plans are well advanced for their centenary celebrations in Clonmel on December 3rd. The party was founded in the Tipperary town 100 years ago.

The Tánaiste told Deputies and Senators that they would be given the details in due course.

Landy, upset at being left out of the loop concerning a major event in his bailiwick, stood and made his annoyance very clear to the party leader.

Then he walked out. Rather slowly. Gilmore didn’t say a word to him. The door closed behind Landy. There was a pregnant pause. Then the Tánaiste returned to “the war”, aka what is supposed to be party business.

After “The Rumpus over Róisín”, Labour Deputies and Senators were annoyed at the way they thought the party had been treated by Fine Gael.

“That’s it, we’re going to war on home helps,” declared their gung-ho leader. This calmed the troops a little.

But now many are wondering whatever happened to the war.

Particularly in the light of Generalissimo Gilmore’s cranky command to them this week: “I don’t want to hear about home helps.”

The comrades are confused.