Police seek loyalist gang posing as Celtic fans


Police in the North are searching for a loyalist gang posing as Celtic supporters who are believed to have been involved in several attacks in north Belfast.

A boy (17) was stabbed three times in the head in the city after being confronted by a gang.

He had just got off a bus at Brougham Street when he was approached and asked his religion by four youths, one of them dressed in Celtic's green and white colours.

The victim, believed to be a Protestant, told his attackers he was a Catholic in a bid to escape injury. But as he was fleeing he stumbled and was stabbed and beaten.

Earlier, a woman was stopped in her car at the nearby Duncairn Gardens/North Queen Street junction by three men, one wearing a Celtic jersey.

She was questioned before one smashed the Ford Fiesta's windows and attacked her while his accomplices began wrecking her car. She got out and ran to safety. The attackers stole the car, which was later found abandoned.

In both incidents, the culprits made off towards the staunchly loyalist Tiger's Bay area.

Police sources said members of the Ulster Young Militants, the youth wing of the Ulster Defence Association, regularly disguise themselves in the colours of Celtic, which was founded by Catholics and has a strong Catholic following in Belfast.