THE Princess of Wales has denied press allegations that she has lumpy thighs - or cellulite.

The People last Sunday published unflattering photos of Princess Diana, in lycra shorts and sweat shirt, showing what appeared to be lumpy creases on her inner thighs.

"I have not got cellulite," she was quoted as having told aides. "There is nothing wrong with my legs."

Diana's official spokeswoman Jean Atkinson said: "The lumps appear to be created by a trick of the light or the fact that she had been sitting on her leather car seats."

But photographer Glenn Harvey, who took the pictures, said:

"The camera doesn't lie. She had not been in her car for over an hour so the marks could hardly have been creases caused by the leather upholstery."

Phoolan Devi, India's famous "bandit queen", is standing in elections to be held on April 27th, and has another former woman bandit ranged against her, writes Rahul Bedi.

Seema Parihar (30), warned voters in Badhoi in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh against voting for her rival.

India's bandits, locally known as dacoits, have had a romantic appeal since they first emerged in the 1950s in the Chambal region, a labyrinth of ravines in the central Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Uttar Pradesh.

Devi, otherwise known as the Goddess of Flowers, the subject of several books and Bandit Queen, a popular film - banned last month for depicting gratuitous violence was one such dacoit.

For years she led a group of killers, survived police raids and often walking 30 miles in one night to avoid capture.

Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles has split up with his girlfriend Linda Haver.

"The split is due to the pressures of the couple being apart from each other for long periods while Craig was filming The Governor in Ireland all year, a statement said last night.

Charles (31) has been in Dublin since December working on a television drama.

Haver stood by him throughout his 10 day rape trial last year. He was acquitted. Charles married Band of Gold actress Cathy Tyson in 1984. She divorced him in 1990 and they have one son, Jack.