North Belfast home suffers pipe bomb attack


A young Catholic woman and her two children have escaped injury after two pipe bombs were thrown through the window of their home in north Belfast.

The woman, who is expecting her third child soon, was being kept in hospital last night where she was recovering from shock.

According to local people, the devices were thrown from a white car, which drove towards Carlisle Circus and into the loyalist Shankill area.

Sinn Féin have blamed the loyalist Ulster Defence Association on the attack, which happened around 10.45 p.m. yesterday on the Antrim Road.

Sinn Féin Belfast councillor Mr Gerard Brophy said: "The UDA are stirring things up as much as they can. We could have had a young pregnant girl and her two kids blown to pieces tonight.

"I'm calling on unionist politicians to do everything they can to stop these attacks. This girl was just another easy target".