NI digital switch starts tomorrow


The first stage of the BBC digital switchover for Northern Ireland begins tomorrow with the switching off of BBC 2 on analogue television.

Viewers without a digital set top box or television following switchover may lose access to television services. This will not affect digital satellite or cable viewers.

Viewers in the Republic who receive BBC 2 through an aerial will also lose the service.

A spokeswoman for Digital UK, the company handling the switchover, said she could not say exactly how many viewers would be affected south of the border but she estimated the number would be “relatively small”.

“They will have seen captions at the end of the screen so they will know it will be happening.”

She said nine out of 10 homes in Northern Ireland were ready for the digital switchover, stage two of which takes place on October 24th when the remaining analogue channels; BBC One, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will be switched off.

The Republic will also switch from analogue to digital television on October 24th.