More time for arms body urged


THE UUP MP, Mr Ken Maginnis, said yesterday that the January 18th time limit for Senator George Mitchell's arms decommissioning body should be extended by at least another six weeks.

He said it needed additional time to investigate such a difficult and complex issue.

He told the Press Association: "I think there should be at least another six weeks' latitude, given that there is every prospect of an inconclusive report coming out.

"No one has ever suggested that this problem is less than difficult, but at this stage one must doubt whether the commission has had the time to do anything more than read itself into the situation. The time scale simply isn't long enough."

The SDLP MP, Dr Joe Hendron, said he too believed the international body should get more time, if it wanted it.

He said: "A lot hangs on this report. The talks are important, but this will be the biggest political event to take place and if the commission wants more time, then I respectfully suggest that the two, governments encourage them to take a few more weeks."