Message in a bottle sent by Canadians eight years ago


Two Canadian women have come forward as those who sent the message in a bottle that was found in Waterford last week.

Charlaine Dalpé and Claudia Garneau from Montreal say they wrote the letter eight years ago. It was found by 10-year-old Oisín Millea on the strand at Passage East last Thursday. The girls have since used Skype to get in contact with Oisín, who frequently visits the beach where the letter was found. The girls, then both aged 12, wanted to see how far the message in a bottle would travel. The bottle went on a 4,000km journey as it made its way across the Atlantic, up the Suir estuary and eventually washed up in Passage East.

Their message was written in French and translates as: “Hello, we are two girls who had the idea to launch a bottle into the sea. We are on vacation in the Gaspésie, in the village of Grande Vallée.”