McGeever yet to speak to gardaí

A file image of businessman Kevin McGeever who has has discharged himself from hospital and has yet to speak to gardai.

A file image of businessman Kevin McGeever who has has discharged himself from hospital and has yet to speak to gardai.


Businessman Kevin Michael McGeever who has said he was kidnapped and held captive for eight months has still to make a formal statement of complaint to the Garda almost two weeks after being found on a country road.

The 68-year-old, who has been involved in the property sector and in recent years sold properties in Dubai, has discharged himself from hospital in a move that has surprised gardaí.

The case has attracted considerable media attention both at home and abroad and gardaí are anxious to establish what happened to Mr McGeever and to find out where he had been since last May.

However, while gardaí were waiting to interview him in full when he was well enough to speak to them, he has now left hospital and has not made any contact with members of the force. It is unclear where he is and when, or even if, he will speak to gardaí about what he claims happened to him.

Mr McGeever is not a suspect in relation to any events around his alleged kidnap, meaning he can not be compelled to speak to gardaí about his ordeal.

Since he re-emerged and was hospitalised, gardaí had not had an opportunity to interview him properly to establish as many details as they could from him about his ordeal as part of their efforts to solve the mystery. 

They were waiting until he was well enough to speak to them but now that he has left hospital without leaving contact details, any progress in the Garda investigation appears to be dependent on him contacting gardaí and making a statement.

Some Garda sources say he appears reluctant thus far to give a full statement to the investigating team and they are doubtful if he wants to progress the matter to a full blown criminal investigation. 

Gardaí say they are no closer to establishing where he has been since last May and likely be unable to progress the matter without a full statement of complaint from the victim.

He was found by passersby on the road between Swanlinbar and Ballinamore in Co Leitrim last Thursday week. He was in a dishevelled state and was disorientated, with the word “thief” inked on his forehead.

His only possession was a new mobile phone with one number on it. He claimed to have been kidnapped from his home in Craughwell, Co Galway, on May 27th and held in a dark room by kidnappers before being driven to a mystery location and released.

He had been in Mullingar General Hospital since reappearing. He has lost several stone and has injuries. When found he was dressed in a plastic bag and was barefoot.