Late constable's father moved by sympathy

Const Philippa Reynolds: killed last Saturday morning

Const Philippa Reynolds: killed last Saturday morning


The father of Constable Philippa Reynolds, who was killed when a stolen car crashed into her patrol car in Derry last weekend, has spoken about how his family has been moved by the level of cross-community sympathy at her death.

The funeral of 27-year-old Const Reynolds is taking place this afternoon in Newtownabbey, on the outskirts of north Belfast.

Mervyn and Dorothy Reynolds said yesterday they were heartbroken at their daughter’s death but the warmth of the tributes paid to her had given them strength and filled them with pride.

Const Reynolds gave up a teaching career to join the PSNI two years ago. Two books of condolences were opened in Derry where she worked. She died instantly after a stolen 4X4 crashed into the patrol car in which she was a backseat passenger early last Saturday morning. Two men have been charged in connection with her death.


Mr Reynolds, a former police officer, said he and his family were amazed and touched by the effect of her death. “With social media and things like Facebook, this incident has gone virally worldwide and I am just hoping that there will be some effect within our little country,” he said. “I hear from her senior officers and other people that people are coming in from parts of Derry that would never have walked into a police station before – they are handing in sympathy cards, Mass cards, it’s amazing.”

Mr Reynolds said he hoped his daughter’s legacy would result in more people accepting the PSNI. “I just hope that more people will see the PSNI as the community police force that it is,” he said. “And it’s there to help everyone. No matter what their religion or beliefs are, they want to treat everybody the same.”