Last month was coldest November for 25 years


RECORD LOW:LAST MONTH was the coldest November for 25 years in most parts of the State, Met Éireann has said.

This record was due to exceptionally low temperatures for the last three days, between Saturday and Monday, according to Met Éireann’s monthly weather reports.

Dublin was hit hardest by the Arctic weather conditions as plummeting temperatures broke records in the capital on Sunday.

Casement Aerodrome recorded an air temperature of -9.1 degrees on Sunday which was the lowest November temperature at the military airbase since records began there in 1964.

Ground temperatures at the aerodrome also broke November records on Monday, dropping to -13.7 degrees. Air temperatures fell below -6.1 degrees in many parts of the country on Sunday and Monday. Dublin airport also recorded a record low November air temperature on Sunday. The sharp drop in temperatures was caused by an anticyclone which shifted to the far northwest of Ireland and brought a bitterly cold northeasterly airstream, Met Éireann said. The wintry showers at the end of the month began in the coastal areas of the east and northeast. These showers were thundery at times.

The wintery showers spread across the rest of the country resulting in an accumulation of snow in most parts.

Severe frost was widespread last Sunday and Monday. Overall instances of frost were much higher than usual for November. Between 10 and 14 days of air frost were recorded in midland and eastern weather stations during the month. This was around double the normal frost for November.

Monthly rainfall was also above normal but this was due to heavy falls of rain earlier in the month.

The heaviest daily falls were on the 7th and 8th and the 16th and 17th. This rainfall was due to a deep Atlantic depressions near Ireland, Met Éireann said.

The rain was particularly heavy in western areas which resulted in flooding.