Labour to proceed with confidence vote


The Labour Party has decided to press ahead with a motion of no confidence in the Government next week.

Eamon Gilmore confirmed his party would move a motion of no confidence in the Taoiseach in the Dáil on Tuesday.

“The events of this week put beyond doubt that this is a dysfunctional government led by a Taoiseach who has lost all sense of judgment and all touch with reality,” Mr Gilmore said during a visit to Galway today.

“The level of bitterness between the two parties in government, with accusations of duplicity and lying flying across the airwaves, hardly suggests a cohesive cabinet capable of dealing with any issue over the coming weeks.

“The longer this broken and politically dishevelled government clings to power the longer the process of national recovery will be postponed.”

Mr Gilmore said last night said Ireland must now “concentrate on the future” and called on the public to elect a Labour-led government “driven by the concerns of the many, not the insider few”.