Kilkenny Shop label enters the market with natural winners


AMONG all the illustrious designer labels in the Kilkenny Shop in Dublin, is its own collection, The Art of Dressing. Compared to it, designers like Louise Kennedy and Lainey Keogh look almost dangerous.

Still, a linen and silk mix suit, from The Art of Dressing label costs around £230 - and that is good news. Small wonder they are known as collectable clothes.

Kilkenny is known for its use of natural fabrics and, no matter how fabulous a man made fabric is, it probably will not feature here. That is part of the policy, and it would cause a major upset for viscose to take over.

So without much change in style or fabric, the only remaining thing is colour and that does show a bit of seasonal movement. True, not much, because there are still plenty of naturals, but some fresher, newer blues, whites and limes have been included.

It doesn't amount to a revolution, but it certainly makes collecting a few more pieces possible. The suits are all classics, though the fine, silky knits sometimes worn with them, make them seem a bit more stylish and, in pretty coloured cotton crepes, they are good value at under £40. A long McNutt linen pinafore slots in to the collection well and comes with, a matching jacket.

Of course Louise Kennedy's palest blue and ivory suits, with their perfect tailoring and floating hand painted scarves, and Lainey Keogh's ethereal and immodest knits add the necessary glamour to what could become just too sensible a style. Edel McBride has added linens to her usual knits which makes for good co ordination.

This is dressing safe. It is a triumph for the suit which doesn't have to match but can have a jacket and trousers (or skirt) in different colours. This kind of juggling was shown in a white linen jacket (£145), blue linen trousers, (£79.95), and a lime green sleeveless shirt, (£49.95).

These clothes keep being in fashion season after season. Still, the colours are new, and that should cause some more collecting.