Irish soldiers in Cyprus questioned


A NUMBER of Irish military personnel serving with the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus has been interviewed in connection with financial irregularities, the Defence Forces have confirmed. The investigation by military police concerns Irish staff who served in Cyprus in the last two years.

The Defence Forces have been asked to interview them as part of a broader investigation into the activities of a senior civilian official, an African, who has been suspended by the UN pending the outcome of its inquiries. It involves allegations of irregularities in the purchase of local goods.

Up to five Irish military personnel who served in Cyprus at the same time as this official have been questioned in the past three weeks. It is understood that UN interest focuses on one member of the force. Army sources said a report will be forwarded to the UN investigation section in New York within the next week or two.

Around 30 members of the Army and Garda serve with the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.