Irish man (28) charged over alleged assault on politician


A 28-year-old Irish man has been charged over the alleged assault of a politician in Australia’s Northern Territory.

John Elferink, justice spokesman for the territory’s opposition Country Liberal Party, was speaking to media in the city of Darwin about tougher laws on alcohol-fuelled violence when a man approached him from behind and kicked him in the leg.

The incident, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was filmed by a television crew covering Mr Elferink’s press conference.

After being kicked, the politician, who is a former policeman, turned around and attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of the Irish man, who has not yet been named.

Footage of the incident shows two other men coming from a nearby pub and tussling with Mr Elferink. The politician tackled the Irish man to the ground after the alleged offender’s friend tried to help break him free.

One of the other men was later apprehended and charged with aggravated assault. Police are still trying to identify the third man. The Irish man was released on bail yesterday and is due in court next month.