Mytaxi offers €1 million to attract new drivers

Number of active drivers in sector falls by 45% in eight years, Transport Authority says

The taxi app mytaxi has offered up to €2,000 to taxi drivers who pass the Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSV) entry test and sign up to become active mytaxi drivers.

The offer comes as falling numbers of taxis have become an issue in the sector, particularly in Dublin. In 2016 three drivers retired from the industry for every new driver who passed the SPSV test. Waiting times for taxis in Dublin are increasing especially at peak times.

State-wide the number of active taxi drivers has dropped by 45pc to 26, 087 in August 2017, from a high of 47,222 in 2009, according to figures from the National Transport Authority.

The new incentive will be paid to the first 500 drivers who use the mytaxi online manual, pass the test and become active mytaxi drivers.


The move involves a potential payout of €1 million and mytaxi is hoping it will boost taxi numbers by 5 percent bringing the number of drivers using the app to about 10,000.

The €2,000 offer is broken into two parts. The first €1, 000 covers €90 for the SPSV test fee, €250 for SPSV licences, with the balance to be used at the taxi driver’s discretion to cover other setup costs associated such as car rental or purchase, smartphone purchase, and insurance. The €1000 payment will be made to drivers in four instalments of €250 per week for the first four weeks, once they become an active mytaxi driver.

The second €1,000 is an additional sign-up bonus that a driver can earn on completion of 60 jobs per week after the first four weeks with mytaxi.

Drivers must pass the SPSV industry entry test before January 31, 2018.

As part of the initiative, drivers will also receive free training for the SPSV test using the mytaxi online manual.

Tommy Connolly, the first applicant to pass using the facility, said he would say to other drivers wanting to enter the sector :“if you’re serious about passing the test, the mytaxi manual is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and understand, and helps you study with purpose - it is a huge help.”

Tim Arnold, General Manager of mytaxi Ireland, said the announcement was “another big push by us to increase taxi supply in Ireland to meet the surging demand”.

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien is an Irish Times journalist