Main points: What are the new Covid-19 restrictions?

Fresh guidance for over-70s to remain in place until September 13th

The Government announced these new measures to combat coronavirus on Tuesday evening. They are due to come into effect immediately and remain in place until September 13th.

* All businesses should continue to allow remote working where possible.

* If you are having visitors over to your home, you should limit them to six people from no more than three households.

* Outdoor gatherings are to be limited to 15 people.


* Restaurants and cafes, including pubs which serve food, can remain open but with a mandatory closing time of 11.30pm.

* Sports events and matches are to revert to ‘behind-closed-doors’ with no spectators allowed. There should also be strict avoidance of social gatherings before and after games or fixtures.

* Indoor training should be limited to six people and outdoor training should be limited to 15 people.

* Public transport should be avoided where possible.

* If you are travelling in a car or other vehicle with someone from outside your household, it is recommended that you wear a face covering.

* All State bodies with responsibility for monitoring, inspection and compliance will intensify activities on an integrated basis.

Meanwhile, for those over-70 or who are extremely medically vulnerable, it is asked that you use your individual judgement to:

* Keep the number of people you meet as low as possible. When you do meet people - it should be at a distance of two metres and for as short a time as possible.

* Avoid public transport where possible.

* Shop during designated hours (special times that shops have set up for those who are over-70 or medically vulnerable to safely do their shopping).