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Juvenile offender goes on rampage at Beaumont hospital

Teenager leaves other patients cut from flying glass as he smashes up bathroom

A juvenile offender went on a rampage in Beaumont Hospital on Friday night.

A juvenile offender who went on the rampage in Beaumont Hospital on Friday night was back in detention on Saturday.

Patients and staff in the hospital’s emergency department fled when the youngster, said to be 13 years old, smashed windows and broke up a toilet, leaving other shocked patients cut by flying glass.

The incident began shortly before midnight when the youth was brought to the hospital after complaining of feeling unwell.

According to eye witnesses he asked to go to the bathroom before smashing up the sanitary ware and using a metal bar to break windows and send glass flying across the emergency department’s waiting room.

A number of people tried to contain him but it is understood that he then climbed out a window.

However, gardaí said he was “returned to Oberstown and will be charged at a later date”.

A statement issued by the Garda Press Office confirmed the incident:

“Gardaí in Santry were called to an incident that occurred in Beaumont Hospital Friday night the 6th July at approximately 11.45pm.

“A juvenile male caused criminal damage to a toilet within the hospital and escaped through the bathroom window.

“He also damaged some windows within the hospital. Male returned to Oberstown Care Centre and will be charged at a later date. Investigations are ongoing.”