Iona account reinstated on YouTube


Google has denied censorship following its closure and later reinstatement of the Iona Institute's YouTube account.

Attempts to view videos on YouTube by the conservative Christian think tank earlier today were met with a statement that the account had been closed "due to repeated or severe violations of our terms of service". Director of the Iona Institute, David Quinn, later admitted he had failed to reply to an email from Google seeking to verify the account's ownership.

Mr Quinn earlier speculated that the only video that could have caused any offence leading to the account's removal was one arguing the case for heterosexual marriage and against gay marriage.

The video is an animated series of images and text, voiced over by a young man and young woman, arguing heterosexual and homosexual partnerships are essentially different as “only a man and a woman can make new life.

“No two men and no two women can ever do this. So it makes sense to treat something unique in a unique way. That’s not discrimination," it says.

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