Home security


Tips to keep you safe

GARDAÍ ADVISE one simple test to see how secure your home is from burglars. “Go outside as if you’ve lost you’re keys and look at every possible entry point – doors, windows, garage doors – and see is there any way at all you’d be able to get in if you really, really needed to. “If you see something like an out of the way small window that’s locked but might be a bit older than in the rest of the house and you think you could push it in or pull it open if you had to you, then you should address that.”

Other tips from the Garda include:

* Fit all wooden doors with five-lever mortice locks and PVC doors with multi-point locking.

* Have glass panels on your front or back doors or surrounds fitted with reinforced glass.

* Secure all your windows and lock all doors before leaving home, even for a short period to go on a quick school run or to the shop.

* Have additional locks fitted to your patio/sliding door.

* Install an intruder alarm and consider linking to a monitoring centre.

* Change the locks when you buy or rent a new property.

* Have timers fitted that turn on and off lights when you know you will be out for long periods.

* Make sure your garage doors close and lock properly and are further protected with quality locks and deadbolts.

* Check for tools, ladders and even chairs that could be used by intruders to smash their way into your home or to climb to windows that may be open or be more easily opened than those on the ground.

* Trim back excessive hedges and shrubs that might give cover to a burglar trying to gain entry to your home.

* Cancel all deliveries when on holidays and ask a neighbour to collect your post and to park their car in your drive some nights. Also, ask them to mow your grass if you are away for long periods.