Kenwood DMC-J7R Portable MiniDisc Recorder. (£369)

Toss that old Walkman in the bin - this is real rock 'n' roll on the go. A compact, funky, metallic-blue handful of audio heaven, the Kenwood DMC-J74 knocks many of the other portable minidisc players into a cocked Santa's hat. Comes with rechargeable battery with five hours of playback time, remote headphones with LCD display, analogue and digital recording capability, AC adapter and carrying case.

Sony CMT MD1 MiniDisc Hi-Fi (£399.99)

Micro stereo systems are perfect for kitchens, studies and small rooms - they're compact, sleek and unobtrusive, and they slot nicely in with the decor. Sony does a good range of combination CD and MiniDisc players - this one has a silvery, geometric look and includes a Tuner so you don't miss Morning Ireland come daylight.

Sony Discman DE406CK (£119)

This competitively-priced portable CD player comes with In-Car kit for playing your favourite drive-time CDs - after you park the car, you can simply take it with you and keep listening; the ESPshock-protection system will keep the sound running smoothly on bumpy roads and bustling streets.