Greens call for new measures to tackle litter


The Green Party has called for the introduction of a refundable charge on cans and bottles as means of tackling the State's litter black spots.

The Party's spokesman on tourism, Mr Paul Gogarty, said: "Money back bottles and cans are a simple solution to a growing problem. Similar systems are in operation in several European countries.

Mr Gogarty said: "Take Scandinavia, for example. You don't see the streets and green areas in Sweden and Denmark covered in cans or bottles."

He said: "People pay the charge and bring the empties back, where they get a discount on their next purchases.

This is something myself and my Green party colleagues highlight on an ongoing basis, but with this Government, you might as well be talking to the walls of Leinster House."

I raised this issue more than a year ago in a Dáil Adjournment Debate. As usual the Government side were heavy on the talk but lacking in action," he said.

Mr Gogarty said: "The majority of law abiding citizens of this country are cheesed off with having to wade through cans and broken bottles when out walking their dogs or playing football on the local green."

He called on the Minister for Environment, Mr Cullen, "to make a good decision for once and introduce this simple remedy to help tackle our litter problem".