Glencree summer school to discuss sectarianism, bigotry


A member of the Garvaghy Road Residents Association in Portadown will speak on Living with the Reality of Daily Sectarianism at the Glencree Summmer School in Co Wicklow, on Friday. Ms Orla Moloney will be preceded by Mr Daniel Mosimane gape Stemmer of the South Afri can embassy, who replaces the British ambassador, Mr Ivor Roberts, who was originally scheduled to perform the official opening of the school which runs from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th this month.

Mr David Thompson, chairman of the Portadown Unionist Party will also speak.

Friday will also see Bishop John Sentamu, a special adviser to the Lawrence inquiry, deliver an address entitled Bigotry in Britain.

On Saturday there will be sessions on Critical Issues facing the Churches and The Political Task of Transforming Sectarianism. The latter session will include contributions from Mr Brian Hayes TD (Fine Gael), Mr Proinsias De Rossa MEP (Labour), Mr Pat Hynes TD (Fianna Fail) and Mr Phelim Clear (PDs).

A panel discussion on Tackling Institutional Sectarianism in Northern Ireland will include contributions from Mr Gary McMichael of the UDP, Mr Sean Farren of the SDLP, Mr Martin Meehan of Sinn Fein and Mr Stephen King of the UUP.

On Sunday there will be group discussions followed by a final review session to bring conclusions together. An afternoon lecture to have been given by US civil rights leader, the Rev Jesse Jackson, has been cancelled.

The theme of the summer school is Towards Common Citizenship, subtitled Transforming Deep-Seated Sectarianism.