Gardaí investigate Letterkenny gas leak


Gardaí are investigating an incident in which a gas meter was maliciously damaged in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, last night, causing a gas leak.

According to a fire service spokesman, notification of the leak in an alleyway on Lower Main Street was received at about 10.30pm following a strong smell of gas, and three units attended the scene.

A damaged meter was found linked to gas pipes running to an apartment complex nearby. It is believed the meter had been pulled from the wall to which it was attached.

The street was sealed off, and local people were advised to stay indoors during the alert. The fire service spokesman said the fact it was a wet night assisted in clearing the area.

A gas engineer shut off the supply of gas from the meter, and the fire brigade gave the all-clear at 23.40pm, although it is believed the gas supply to the apartments remains cut off.

The spokesman said any such leak was extremely dangerous due to the risk of an explosion.