Ganley to launch Libertas as 'European political movement'


ANTI-LISBON campaigner Declan Ganley will launch Libertas as a pan-Europe political party to compete in next June's European Parliament elections tomorrow in Brussels.

At a lunch for European journalists on the same day as a critical EU summit for Taoiseach Brian Cowen, Mr Ganley will outline ambitious plans to campaign against the Lisbon Treaty and build a new political movement. An invitation to the lunch and press conference describes Libertas as a "new European political movement dedicated to campaigning for greater democracy, accountability and transparency within the EU.

"Libertas will also develop innovative and enterprising policies to benefit Europe and foster a more positive relationship between the institutions of the European Union and the citizens for whom they legislate," continues the invitation to the European media.

It is understood Mr Ganley has already signed up elected politicians in at least seven European countries to enable him to apply for EU funding for Libertas.

The Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Poland and Ireland are all countries that Libertas may consider running candidates in during next year's European elections.

However, it remains unclear whether Mr Ganley will be able to garner enough support to succeed in transforming the elections into a EU-wide referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.