FitzPatrick's BMW to be auctioned


A BMW formerly belonging to disgraced banker Seán Fitzpatrick is to be the subject of an auction to raise funds for charity.

The three series 92 - D registration BMW was collected by its new owners National Recycling, from outside Mr Fitzpatrick’s home in Greystones, Co Wicklow this morning.

The car liberally coated with grime and leaves looked as if it had not been driven for some time. It was winched aboard a tow truck as it would not start.

Neither Mr Fitzpatrick not members of his family made an appearance when the car was removed. There was a small media presence, mainly comprised of photographers outside the house.

The car had been sold online by the High Court's official assignee who is dealing with Mr Fitzpatrick’s bankruptcy.

Conor Hand sales manager with National Recycling said he had bought the car in an online auction and did know who the previous owner had been. The price paid was €1234.56 he said.

National Recycling now plans to host an on-line auction selling not the car itself, but the right to be the one who presses the button to crush it. “It will be crushed, same as Anglo [Irish Bank]” said Mr Hand who added that he was neither an account nor shareholder in the insolvent bank.

“We have not worked out the details yet, it will take a few weeks”, he said.

Asked if he had decided which charity or charities would benefit from the auction Mr Hand said he believed St Michael House which provides services for people with learning disabilities would be among the beneficiaries.