FACE FACTS: beautifying of candidates a costly affair


JOHN McCAIN'S make-up is right out of American Idol. Running mate Sarah Palin's is so So You Think You Can Dance- and so much more expensive.

McCain's September payments of $8,672.55 (€6,544) to American Idol make-up artist Tifanie White, who has also worked on the reality dance show So You Think You Can Dance, are a drop in the bucket on the Republican campaign's beautification front compared to the vice-presidential nominee.

Palin's travelling make-up artist is Amy Strozzi, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work as head of make-up on So You Think You Can Dance. Strozzi was paid $13,200 (€9,963) by the McCain-Palin campaign last month alone, according to the campaign's latest financial disclosure report filed this week. That's $4,527.45 (€3,396) more than McCain's make-up artist made last month. The 72-year-old Arizona senator, who has prominent scars from battling cancer, requires more work than does the more naturally telegenic 44-year-old Palin.Strozzi, whose first name is misspelled as "Ami" in the campaign's financial report, is listed as doing "communications consulting" work.

But two sources close to the campaign said Strozzi was Palin's make-up artist.They also described Strozzi as "goth" and "punk".

Politico has reported that the Republican Party shelled out $150,000 at luxury stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue to clothe and accessorise the vice-presidential nominee.

- (LA Times- Washington Post)