Emergency landing at Dublin airport


A passenger's mobile phone plugged into the shaving socket in an airplane toilet sparked a panic and an emergency landing at Dublin airport today.

The Delta 767-300 en route from Istanbul to New York JFK landed at about 4pm after the pilot requested permission to make an emergency landing due to concerns about activity in the cabin.

It was also reported that a 'suspect device' had been found in the passenger toilet.

The aircraft was parked in an isolated area and gardaí boarded it and spoke to the pilot.

They also spoke to a passenger who came forward after an announcement was made about the reason for their presence on board.

It is understood, however, that the "suspicious device" turned out to be a mobile phone that had been plugged into a shaving outlet in the passenger toilet and left wrapped in its cable.

The emergency was stood down, and no arrests were made.

The aircraft was due to refuel before travelling on to New York this evening.

A spokeswoman for Delta confirmed the crew of flight 73 had become aware of a “possible security situtation”.

“As a precaution, they elected to divert to Dublin and landed without incident.”

The spokeswoman said the safety and security of Delta’s passengers and crew was its number one priority and as a matter of policy it did not comment on security matters.