What students are saying online about the exams

Coffee and satsuma oranges. Leaving Cert is doing strange things to my taste buds. - mon_tage, Twitter

Well.. From one extreme to another... Easiest maths Paper 2 ever! Lovely, lovely questions! Hows everyone after it? - LilMissCiara,

HL Maths paper 2 was tricky, not a shock like Paper 1 but I still need a miracle!! - BettyMcBoo, Twitter

It was a better test, but then again you couldnt get much worse than Paper 1. However it was still a tricky paper and by no means easy Id say. - robobobo,

Maths Paper Two = handy. Irish Paper One = handy. Leaving Cert 0, Chloe 2. Im winning! - ChloeLucePower - Twitter

Maths went really well, that A could still be on the cards ;) - FionnualaJay, Twitter

Thank god Im half way through...! Just have listening exam left today. Finished paper in an hour - we had 2 hrs 20 mins to do it... - synqBreak, Twitter

OMG someone please help me I think I failed honours maths!!! Completely serious!!! What am I going to do??? Im so worried I actually feel sick!!! What can I do??? - A94,

Yeah a beaut of a paper. Hopefully I didnt make too many slips but I know I made a couple. Q5 was lovely. It so easy. As was Q3 8. I thought it was a fair paper after a very unfair paper 1. - irish_man,

Thought the honours paper irish was very fair, although im sure people were disappointed with not seeing the economy come up as an essay, i done the childrens rights which i though was pretty straight forward! - mikeydublin,

Lol, if you were all to read my sceal you would think I was on drugs - hindy_cindy, Twitter

@Desbishop you came up in the leaving cert tape today. Sad to say, your part was SO hard :( - SarahDozy, Twitter

The SEC really seems to have a thing for Des Bishop. Knave of the language, was that what I heard?! - OhHushChloe, Twitter

Would have been screwed if the debate on the future of Ireland hadnt have come up, thought the listening wasnt too bad, Cuid C was probably the hardest bit and I thought the comprehensions were ok. Not too confident about my answers to the Mary Robinson one : Am just happy its over though, bring on tomorrow, cant wait to be finished with Irish! - sarah.,

I didnt like the listening in the slightest! What did you think? I hope they mark it that way! if you dont have the spelling but it sounds right I think they give you some marks but deduct for bad irish! - samapp,

WERE ALL HALF WAY (or more) DONE.. be proud guys, were surviving the leaving.. whoop!... HateTheMocks,

The longest day of the leaving cert over !! But they all went awesome!!! Cant believe its FLYING sooooo quick!!! Emily11 -

Time to do my ritual of piling up unneeded books and then ticking off the days on the Leaving Cert exam timetable. Its epically satisfying. - sorcha3692, Twitter

Biology cramming till Thursday … - Ace2o11, Twitter