Exam chat from students on the message boards

Waiting for the big adrenaline rush to swoop down and grab me, but so far, nothing . . .


DO NOT try to predict History, it’ll throw you a total curveballPhasers,

So happy I don’t do Home Ec and engineering feel sorry for the people that do but I guess then they won’t be in so long! Some of the combinations are yuck like french and history in the same day maths and geog!


Just want to say best of luck to everyone sitting the exams this year. It’s been 2 years since I sat the Leaving Cert and I know what it’s like but heh you’ll all get on grand!


The walls are closing in. And we must appreciate that in our hands is where our fate lies. The cream rises to the top now. Thrive under pressure, think of it as you would sport, this is a competition.


If I ever see Messrs Sin, Cos or Tan (probably when my kids are doing Space Maths . . . on the Moon . . . in the non-Leaving Cert. Enda Kenny will abolish) I can bid them good day and tell them how I Pythagoras’d their mother all night long, and I only used her for points and matriculation purposes.

Mr X,

Predictions are like chocolate to Leaving Cert students – a sugary source of comfort and relief when youre worried, yet immediately after you partake you realise theyre only going to make you fat and lazy . OK, maybe just lazy. Predictions don’t have calories, as far as I know.


There you are . . . sweat rolling off you the night before the first leaving cert exam. It’s three million degrees outside, all your favourite films are just starting on TV and you happen to find loads of interesting stories and conversations online . . .


The Leaving Cert has helped me to perfect my ability to waste all the time I possibly can.

In fact I’m doing just that right now, as are you if you have joined this page.

Procrastination Should Be A Leaving Cert Subject,


Freaked Out Student,