Dempsey unveils Metro West route


The route for Dublin's new Metro West line linking Tallaght, Clondalkin and Blanchardstown to Dublin airport has been announced by Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey.

Mr Dempsey said the 25-kilometre line will handle more than 20 million passengers each year and will reach Dublin airport from Blanchardstown in under 30 minutes. Trains are planned to run =every four to five minutes at peak times when the line is completed by 2014.

A computer-generated image of Metro West which will transport 20m passengers a year when completed.
A computer-generated image of Metro West which will transport 20m passengers a year when completed.

Two possible routes for Metro West were put out for public consultation, and the board of the Railway Procurement Agency chose the route announced today.

"West Dublin has seen some of the most intense growth in housing and other development in recent times with all of the challenges that this brings," Mr Dempsey said.

"Metro West will facilitate the residents of west Dublin and it will accommodate in excess of 20 million passengers per year thus removing a considerable volume of car journeys from the road network.

"It will be a modern, attractive and highly accessible transit system for Dublin commuters to enjoy."

"Metro West can act as a catalyst for urban and suburban regeneration similar to the experience on Luas. Investment will be attracted into the areas served by the Metro, and the potential will open up for the development of new commercial and service facilities along its route," Mr Dempsey added.

Metro West will run on the surface, and the tracks will be separate from road traffic. It will cross road junctions in a similar manner to Luas, although bridges will be required at major roads, railways and other crossings, the Minister said.

Among the stops under consideration are: Tallaght East, Belgard, St. Brigid's, Clondalkin, Fonthill, Rowlagh, Liffey Valley, Porterstown, Millennium Park, Blanchardstown, National Aquatic Centre, Abbotstown, Huntstown, Meakstown, Silloge, Harristown, and Metropark, where it will join with Metro North.

Construction of Metro West is due to be completed in 2014, subject to permission from An Bord Pleanála, which must grant a railway order to allow its construction. The building will take up to five years.

The project is part of Transport 21, the Government's investment programme, and follows the construction of the Luas red and green lines.

The Metro North line, which is scheduled for completion in 2012, will operate from St Stephen's Green, via Dublin airport, to the north of Swords using underground, surface and elevated tracks.