Death of folk singer, musician and storyteller Pecker Dunne


ENTERTAINER:Folk singer, storyteller and balladeer Patrick Pecker Dunne has died aged 80.

He was born in April 1932 in Castlebar, Co Mayo, into the Traveller community. He came from a long line of musicians and played the five-string banjo and travelled the length and breadth of Ireland playing his music.

For many years he was a regular feature at Munster hurling finals, where he would busk to entertain the crowds.

Through his lyrics in songs such as Tinker’s Lullaby and Last of the Travelling People, Dunne played a major part in highlighting the discrimination faced by Travellers.

His greatest hit was O’Sullivans John, which was also recorded by the Dubliners. Dunne also had a role with Richard Harris in the film Trojan Eddie.