McKillen pays first portion of legal costs in hotel battle


MARK HENNESSY BELFAST-BORN property developer Patrick McKillen, who lost a long-running High Court battle to win control of three luxury hotels in London, has paid millions in legal bills, including nearly €1 million (€1.23 million) to the National Asset Management Agency (Nama).

 The bills were paid on time in line with an order made last month by Mr Justice David Richards, who rejected Mr McKillen’s arguments that he was the victim of a conspiracy led by the billionaire Barclay brothers, David and Frederick.

Mr Justice David Richards said that £2.5 million of the Barclay brothers’ costs should be paid upfront, alongside £1.5 million of Mr Quinlan’s costs, £1 million of the Barclay directors’ costs and £500,000 of Nama’s costs. The remainder of the bill – which could add another £15 million to the final tally – will be decided by a senior costs judge in London.

Such judges tend to approve only 70 per cent of the claim put forward by the victors’ lawyers. Mr McKillen was refused leave to appeal by Mr Justice David Richards, but he subsequently made a direct application to the Court of Appeal. It has yet to decide whether it will hear the case or not. London Editor