Graham Dwyer and Elaine O’Hara: The master-slave relationship

The relationship between Graham Dwyer and Elaine O’Hara began in late 2007; its nature was largely revealed through more than 2,600 text messages sent between them

Architect Graham Dwyer has been found guilty of the murder of childcare worker Elaine O’Hara. Colin Gleeson reports.

The relationship between Graham Dwyer and Elaine O’Hara was unlike any relationship ever seen in an Irish court, and it revealed more about the two than either had ever told their loved ones.

On August 20th, 2012, two days before she disappeared, O’Hara awoke in her room at St Edmundsbury psychiatric hospital in Lucan, in west Co Dublin. The 36-year-old was greeted with a text from Dwyer. “Morning slave, looking forward to seeing you Wednesday.”

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