Legal or illegal? Signs in shops and the law

The most common signs encountered by consumers and their degree of legality

Retailers love signs. The signs are generally upbeat and encouraging. But sometimes they take on a stern tone, such as when we buy something and are warned there will be “strictly no refunds”, or that if we break something we will have to pay for it. Many such signs are perfectly legal. Others operate in a grey area, however, and yet more are simply against the law. Do you know which is which?

1. Strictly no refunds on sale items

We all know that retailers have sales to shift stock they were unable to sell at full price. So the last thing they want when they have finally managed to sell you a three-piece leopard-print suit – albeit at a heavy discount – is to see you wandering back in to the store days later with the suit under your arm in search of a refund.

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