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CUSTOMER SERVICE & 3 MOBILE3 Mobile’s customer service is awful. Eventually I told them that I wanted to change networks, but the employee just talked about other price plans and handsets. I asked for the unlock code for the phone, they refused, so I paid to get it unlocked, took out the SIM, snapped it in half and went back to Meteor. – Frank

I was a customer with 3 Mobile. They have the worst customer service! I always got through to someone who couldn’t understand my accent. I left and went to Vodafone the minute my contract was up. – Ciara

I’m a 3 Mobile customer and since switching last year, I have had little problem. They’re cheaper than my last provider. – Eoin


The ads didn’t tout the concert as a greatest hits tour, so Cat/Yusuf was under no obligation to play them. The Moonshadowmusical was also heavily promoted in the ads. People got what was advertised. Disappointment at him not playing Peace Trainisn’t going to get you a refund! - Caroline O’Connell

Performers go back on the road and when concerts are advertised, especially on radio, they play the old hits. But they may have a new album out or had albums no one heard of. Then when the concert starts everyone is waiting for the hits. If you’re not a big fan of a performer and haven’t been following their music, well, what do you expect when they play music you never heard? – Alan