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PRAISE FOR AER LINGUS: My Aer Lingus flight from Chicago to Shannon kept being delayed and then was cancelled and rescheduled for the following day due to weather.

I was a bit miffed the day of, as communication was very poor, but I felt very well compensated. The airline put us up in a hotel (even those of us from Chicago), paid for meals and, though two months later, paid for my missed hotel stay in Ireland. I think they may be getting better with their customer service, so don’t give up on them yet! – Bethel

HIGH COST OF METEOR DOWNLOADS: I had a wonderful experience with Meteor today. I downloaded an app last month called “Get the focal” (basically an Irish/English dictionary with a user interface) and agreed to the €5 charge. Imagine my surprise then when Meteor charged me €7 for downloading the bandwidth-throttling 383K that comprises the application. – Larry Murphy