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GYM CONTRACTS: Why do some people who sign up willingly to a 12-month contract and simply decide “oh, I’m too lazy so I’ll cancel” think that it’s okay to cancel a gym membership but the same people wouldn’t dare cancel a 12-month contract with their mobile phone or cable provider? People seem to think gym membership should be free, not realising that gyms are one of the highest costing businesses to run.

As an example, how much do you think a commercial treadmill costs? Wrong! They cost from around €8,000 to €9,500 for one. So, either read the terms and conditions of the gym you are joining and make sure all communications with them are in writing or don’t join a gym. – David


I had another missed appointment today. This appointment was confirmed three times by UPC/Chorus/NTL. Took the morning off work and waited. Yet again they did not show, and never rang me.

This is the second time they’ve left me in the lurch. I’m moving to Sky, they’re cheaper and don’t appear to have the same endemic problems with awful customer service and always missing appointments.

The fact that this has been going on for years is amazing. Almost everyone I talk to who is a UPC customer has had similar experiences. – Eoin