Call for sexual equality in Dáil


Independent Senator Fiona O’Malley has called for a revamp of the electoral system which she says will ensure an equal balance between men and women in the Dáil.

Ms O’Malley also told the Committee on the Constitution the number of TDs should be reduced to 120 and the Seanad should have only 30 members.

Outlining her proposal, Ms O'Malley said there should be 60 two seat constituencies.

“Each constituency has a male panel and a female panel. The highest candidates in each of the panels will be elected to represent the constituency,” she said.

“The voter gets two ballot papers and casts one vote in each panel. Naturally, people are free to vote for whomsoever they wish but a male and a female member will be returned from each constituency.”

Ms O’Malley said her proposal would also minimise clientelism.