Call for civil disobedience on septic tank fee


A SENIOR member of Clare County Council has called for a period of civil disobedience in response to the planned septic tank registration fee and the household charge.

Cllr James Breen (Ind) led criticism of the new septic tank charge at a special meeting of Clare County Council to debate the issue. The 31,000 rural householders in Clare with a septic tank will pay in total €1.5 million arising from the €50 registration fee. At the special meeting, Mr Breen said: “There is no need for the septic tank charge or the household charge and the only one thing we need is a period of civil disobedience and a period where this country is brought to a standstill.”

A council report put before the meeting said the principal requirement of the proposed legislation “is that the owner of a septic tank is required to maintain and operate their septic tank in a manner that does not cause risk to human health or the environment”. The report states: “This requirement is in the best interest of preserving the existing environment and is consistent with the approach in other environmental legislation.”

Cllr Cathal Crowe (FF) said the septic tank charge “discriminates against rural dwellers”.

“The Government is prepared to cast a line down through the citizens of Ireland and force a higher payment on those who live in rural Ireland.”

Cllr Tom McNamara (FF) said: “There is an awful lot of inequality in this Bill – €4.6 billion has been spent in the last number of years providing urban water treatment plants.

“Yet, on the other hand, the Government is asking rural people to provide the total cost to themselves in providing their water supply.”

Cllr Richard Nagle (FF) said: “I regard this charge as totally unfair.

“People are under the most severe financial stress and this charge represents another financial burden.”