Bush vows to find banned arms


US President George W. Bush has vowed to uncover the facts about Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction, as a US-run radio station in Baghdad is appealing to Iraqis to help find the missing arsenal.

US troops came under attack again in Iraq on Thursday, where one soldier was killed and five wounded in the troubled western city of Falluja, and two were wounded outside a Baghdad bank.

Eight weeks after deposing Saddam, US and British forces have struggled to impose their grip on the capital and other parts of Iraq. They have found no weapons of mass destruction.

"We're on the look. We'll reveal the truth," Bush told cheering US troops at a base in Qatar.

The failure to find the banned weapons that London and Washington cited as the main reason why Saddam had to be removed has fuelled a political storm, especially in Britain.

"Everybody who has taken part in developing, storing, moving and acquiring weapons of mass destruction should provide coalition forces with information," said the US-run radio.

The United States and its allies are sending a greatly expanded team of experts to Iraq to join the hunt, but they have offered no role to the previous UN arms inspectors.