British police move in to control rioting fans


British police in riot gear had to be called in to control over 100 fans who ran amok in a Stoke-on-Trent town in after England's World Cup win over Denmark.

Staffordshire Police drafted in about 120 officers to tackle football fans who hurled missiles at them in Hanley.

Sixteen people were arrested before order was restored after two hours of violence, police said.

Inspector Andrew Briggs said the trouble broke out shortly before 3.30pm when about 120 people in Yate's Wine Lodge pelted a small group of officers called to the Brockley Square pub with glasses and bottles.

He said the officers made a number of arrests, before colleagues in riot gear were drafted in when the trouble spilled outside and into Trinity Street and Crown Bank.

Mr Briggs said the violence died down by 5.30pm.

He said one man was taken to hospital. The elderly man, who was punched to the ground, was released after treatment.

Referring to previous outbreaks of violence in the Stoke area during past football seasons, Superintendent Ian Ackerley said: "It is extremely disappointing that yet again, this minority of people cannot celebrate England's victory without resorting to violence, aggression and confronting police."