Bord na Móna to dye fuel to fight theft


BORD NA Móna has begun dyeing its diesel in an effort to combat the widespread theft of fuel from its vehicles and depots.

Head of Fuels at Bord na Móna Paul Riordan estimates about 80 or 90 fuel thefts took place at Bord na Móna sites this year alone.

“It’s everywhere,” explained Mr Riordan. “We are leaving a lot of machines empty now. We are coming up to Christmas and the vast bulk of machines will be left empty.”

Due to the nature of its business Bord na Móna operates in a number of rural and often remote locations.

In order to commit the thefts – usually ranging from 10 to 1,000 litres – the culprits “will cut the hoses and fill their little containers and let the rest of the fuel run out,” said Mr Riordan. In other cases, holes are cut in fuel tanks.

Such incidents not only damage machinery but also have an impact on the surrounding environment.

The extent of the problem is costing Bord na Móna a lot of money, according to Mr Riordan. “Even the time taken to go and investigate and contact the guards, it’s just a disaster,” he said.

Markers in diesel

Earlier this year Bord na Móna, with the assistance of gardaí, approached the Revenue Commissioners and secured approval from Customs to place purple/blue markers in its diesel.

Unlike marked agricultural diesel used on farms, diesel used by Bord na Móna is purchased at full market price. The addition of a marker has added further cost to the company.

However, Mr Riordan believes it is worthwhile. “We got this colour in and it has been successful,” he said.

“We have put signs on all our tanks and all our machines that the diesel is marked.”