Bin charge increase on cards after privatisation


DUBLIN CITY residents are facing increased bin collection charges next year following the privatisation of the council’s service after 150 years in public ownership.

Waste firm Greyhound Recycling and Recovery has secured Dublin City Council’s household waste contract and will begin collecting bins from the 140,000 council customers from January 16th next.

Currently, households pay a standing charge for the large grey general waste bin of €100 per year, while those using the smaller bin pay €80 per year. An additional “per lift” charge of €6 for the large grey bin, €3.60 for the small bin, €3 for those using bags and €2 for the brown organic waste bin is also levied. Households in receipt of a waiver pay the per lift charges only.

Greyhound said it will maintain the current charges for the first six months, but it said it may then increase the charge to offset the next rise to the Government’s landfill levy which is due to take effect next July.

It said it will maintain the waiver scheme for 2012, but has made no commitment to waive fees for poorer families from 2013.

The council expects to save €60 million over the next six years through the privatisation of the loss-making service. Assistant city manager Séamus Lyons said the council was “very happy” with the deal.

“All existing customers will see a seamless transfer from collection by the city council to the new arrangement with Greyhound Recycling and Recovery,” he said.

The council would write to households over the coming weeks with details of the new arrangements, but Mr Lyons said collection calendars will not be affected.