Barrymore questioned over house death


Michael Barrymore (55) and two other men have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a man at the British entertainer's house in 2001.

Essex police confirmed three men - aged 32, 37 and 55 - were also accused of sexual assault.

Stuart Lubbock who died in Michael Barrymore's house in 2001
Stuart Lubbock who died in Michael Barrymore's house in 2001

Butcher Stuart Lubbock was found in a swimming pool at Barrymore's home in Roydon, Essex, six years ago.

Police did not name the men arrested in connection with his death, but it is understood Barrymore is one of the three.

Mr Lubbock died after going to a late night party with Barrymore and some friends. Postmortems showed he had suffered severe internal injuries that suggested sexual assault.

Alcohol plus ecstasy and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.

A lengthy investigation was carried out by police, but no one was charged with any offence in relation to Mr Lubbock's death. Barrymore accepted a police caution for drugs offences following the inquiry.

Mr Lubbock's father, Terry, has fought a long campaign over his son's death.

He is planning to publish a book about the death next month, which is says will be "highly critical" of the way police investigated the case. He said the book will reveal gaps in evidence gathered and explain his theory about what happened.